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Survive as long as you can! Sono is a simple game of control, focus, and keeping cool. Earn acheivements as you get better times, attempt unique strategies, and even suck worse than usual.
        Try to avoid hitting the red squares while gathering as many time orbs as you can. Beware the bouncers. Gain as many achievements as you can. Most of all, have fun! Perfect for waiting in line, taking a break, or staving off boredom!


To pull or not to pull, that is the question. This is a game about finesse, accuracy, speed, and wit. Flip the switches, pull out the wires, and remove the fuse before time runs out. The only tool you have is your fingers and your mind, where your fingers can slip, and your mind can play tricks. But be careful, one wrong move results in death.


A speedcubing timer designed by speedcubers for speedcubers. A timer that is just as quick as you are! Not only is the timer EXCRUCIATINGLY accurate, but the entire interface is designed to function at your speed of thought.

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